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2018 Arnold Classic Pro Men # 2 (DVD)

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GMV-997-DVD  Open Region DVD  Duration:  200 mins  Sample Clip

Highlights of the IFBB Pro League events this year included Kamal Elgargni who won in his debut appearance in the Arnold Classic 212.



2018 Arnold Classic Pro Men 2:

Arnold and 30 years of winners (c) 950pixCelebrating 30 Years of the Arnold Classic.

Pro Men’s DVD #2:  212, Classic Physique, Men’s Physique & Pro Wheelchair.

The 2018 Arnold Classic and Arnold Sports Festival are Presented by Classic Productions. Celebrating the 30th Anniversary of the IFBB Pro League Arnold Classic and the 12th Arnold Amateur NPC Championships. March 1st – 4th, 2018, Columbus, Ohio.

Held at the Greater Columbus Convention Center and the Battelle Grand Ballroom. The Presenting Sponsor was Midway Labs.

“A massive year of firsts to celebrate the 30 Years of the Arnold Classic.”

Highlights of the IFBB Pro League events this year included Kamal Elgargni who won in his debut appearance in the Arnold Classic 212, Breon Ansley who won the inaugural Arnold Classic Physique, Andre Ferguson who won his biggest IFBB Pro League title to date in Men’s Physique, and Harold Kelley in his third straight Arnold Classic Pro Wheelchair victory.

The other first time victories this year were William Bonac in his Arnold Classic debut, and Arnold Strongman Classic winner, Hafthor Bjornsson of Iceland in his first major professional strongman victory.


Opening speeches by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jim Manion.
We present the Prejudging and Finals of the Arnold Classic 212, Classic Men’s Physique, Men’s Physique & Pro Wheelchair.

The Arnold LTA Award to Dr Bob Goldman – Full version
Pro Pump Room Highlights
Performance of the National Anthem by the Ohio State University Glee Club
Giang Brothers – Full performance

ARNOLD CLASSIC 212: Kamal Elgargni – UK
MEN’S PHYSIQUE: Breon Ansley – USA
MEN’S PHYSIQUE: Andre Ferguson – USA
(Reggie Bennett won the best poser award in the Wheelchair Class.)

DVD Photos: Jason Breeze

2018 Arnold Classic Pro Men #2 Results in this DVD:

Arnold Classic 212

1. Kamal ElGargni – UK
2. Charles Dixon – USA
3. Samir Troudi – UAE
4. David Henry – USA
5. Jose Raymond – USA
6. Gaetano Cisternino – USA
7. Kang Kyung Won – South Korea

Arnold Pro Wheelchair

1. Harold Kelley – USA
2. Reggie Bennett – USA
3. Gabriele Andriulli – Italy
4. Daniel Minster – Czech Republic
5. Steven Lister – USA
6. Adelfo Cerame – USA
7. Antoni Khadraoui – Sweden
8. John Quinn – USA
9. Kyle Roberts – USA

Arnold Classic Physique

1. Breon Ansley – USA
2. Arash Rahbar – USA
3. Courage Opara – USA
4. Danny Hester – USA
5. Kevin Ford – USA
6. Dani Younan – USA
7. Santiago Aragon – USA
8. Kenneth Owens – USA
9. Svetozar Milehkovic – Serbia
10. R D Caldwell – USA
11. Jason Lowe – USA
12. Robert Timms – USA
13. Panexce Pierre – USA
14. Shavis Higa – USA
15. Lee Banks – USA
Armando Aman – USA
Isaac Balbi – Brazil
Ko Chandetka – USA
Garrott Coelho – USA
Marvin Cornejo – USA
Eric Dankwa – USA
Tony Davis – USA
Aaron Futel – USA
Dion Harris – USA
Andrew Landis – USA
Nhon Ly – USA
Christopher Niemczyk – USA
Matt Pattison – USA
Sharif Reid – USA
A J Shukoori – Canada
Kevin Wilson – USA

Arnold Men’s Physique

1. Andre Ferguson – USA
2. Raymont Edmonds – USA
3. Brandon Hendrickson – USA
4. Logan Franklin – USA
5. George Brown – USA
6. Steven Cao – USA
7. Xavisus Gayden – USA
8. Stan Morrison – USA
9. Jacques Lewis – USA
10. Dante Jones – USA
Michael Mperey – USA
Joshua Ohashi – USA
Geobanny Paula – USA
Scott Schulze – USA
Kai Spencer – USA
David Thorpe – USA
Jeffrey Diaz – USA
Sunny Akhigbe – USA
Maurice Benton – USA
Travales Blount – USA
Victor Clark – USA
Louis Dominique Corbeil-Fiset – Canada
Nimai Delgado – USA
Brenden Floyd – USA
Frank Griffin – USA
Geder Gomes – Brazil
Willie Green – USA
Otto Montgomery – USA