Battle for the Olympia 1997 (DVD)

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A-1231-DVD  Open Region DVD  Duration:  110 mins  Sample Clip

Featuring top professional bodybuilding athletes: Ronnie Coleman, Nasser El Sonbaty, Jean Pierre Fux, Mike Matarazzo, Lee Priest, Milos Sarcev, Kevin Levrone, Flex Wheeler, Chris Cormier, and Mike Francois


Battle for the Olympia 1997

The following top professional bodybuilding athletes are featured:

Ronnie Coleman : Legs, Posing Practice with Diana Dennis;
Nasser El Sonbaty : Triceps, Traps, Calves
Paul Dillett : Arms.
Jean Pierre Fux : Chest,
Shawn Ray : Chest, Shoulders, Arms,
Mike Matarazzo : Pose only,
Lee Priest : Chest,
Milos Sarcev : Chest,
Kevin Levrone : Back,
Flex Wheeler : Chest, Posing practice,
Chris Cormier : Legs,
Mike Francois : Chest.

* Regarding Flex Wheeler: He was taped four days after he got car-jacked and interviewed after Olympia. He speaks out in this video about the incredible incident which made him pull out of the 1997 Olympia contest!! Was this a ruse to cover up some training injuries? You will be a judge. Also includes Kevin Levrone in his best ever shape plus much more!!

All contents are the same as the original VHS video. Colour + B&W.

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