1970s Classic Muscle Vol. 1 (DVD)

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V-190-DVD  Open Region DVD  Duration: 60 mins  Sample Clip

See 6 outstanding physique champions from the 70s in this historic and very special feature. Giuseppe Deiana, Joe Means, Harold Dickinson,  Peter Simpson, Guy-Claude Pepin, Frank Zane.


Classic Muscle of the ’70s Vol. 1

Starring in order seen:
Giuseppe Deiana – Holland
Joe Means – USA
Harold Dickinson – UK
Peter Simpson – UK
Guy-Claude Pepin – France
Frank Zane – USA

See 6 outstanding physique champions from the 70s in this historic and very special feature. Shot on film, and digitally transferred to DVD with background music added.

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Starting in the gym, Giuseppe Deiana takes us through all of his various abdominal exercises. Then it’s DB lateral raises displaying Giuseppe’s delts and physique in ripped condition. More upper body exercises follow with DBs and then the bench press, dips, flys, pullovers, chins, T-bar row, DB rows, lat pulldowns, cable rows, cable preacher curls, barbell curls, reverse curls, db curls, leg extensions, leg curls, hack squats, back squats, prone leg press and toe raises for calves. This was an exhausting full-body workout showing his physique from every angle. See 10.5 mins of workout.

Finally Giuseppe presents his posing routine with 3/4 body poses and plenty of upperbody closeups, highlighting his great arms and abs. The posing runs for 90 seconds, making the segment on Deiana 12 mins in total.


Joe was a popular “Zane style” physique star of the 70s USA scene. He starts straight into his outdoor posing routine, followed by some pumping up with a twister, with good closeups on his arms and back. Then to some more posing, tensing amd most muscular type moves, Joe displays his great separation and condition.
More classic arm pumping follows, along with more incredible upper body posing, also displaying his superb abs, and great arms from all angles.
Finally it is leg poses in closeup, with back poses to finish.
RT: 7 mins


Filmed outdoors in a beautiful London garden, Harold strips off and goes straight into his posing routine – with those famous 20″ arms! He is lean and symmetrical as he poses in a window. Taking off his shirt Harold hits a series of arm poses in closeup,displaying his huge triceps and excellent biceps, and overall shredded condition.
Harold is a 23 year old top English competitor who had recently placed 3rd in the 1975 NABBA Universe.
RT: 3.5 mins


Blond English star Peter Simson oils, pumps and poses in Hyde Park Square in central London, at the very same spot where Frank Zane posed for Wayne in September, 1972! Peter was filmed in 1975, on the day after he placed 6th in his class in the NABBA Universe.
More pumping with chest expanders with emphasis on the biceps, with great closeups before the final tensing and pumping. Next it is dips between chairs before Peter is ready to present his classical contest posing routine. Mostly upper body posing with lots of closeups on the arms, and tensing of his superb abs.

The scene switches to indoor in the Hyde Park Square studio for more pumping with the big chest expander, and then posing, starting with some classic back poses. Then it is more arm posing for the camera.
RT: 17.5 mins


Our famous French physique star starts out in the London studio, strips off and pumps up in front of the mirror before posing. Great abs compliment his huge thick 21″ arms, as he pumps his biceps and pecs to the max.
Then follows an in-depth arm pumping sequence that is incredible in its intensity.
Now it is down to business with Guy-Claude’s posing routine, displaying his rock hard muscularity and clean-cut good looks. A perfect display of an aesthetic European Herculean muscular physique.
This was also shot in 1975. Guy Claude is only 22 years old and is a star in France in bodybuilding, boxing and pro wrestling. These are our very first films of Guy, sweat pouring down his body from this exhausting presentation. This is a tough, hardcore physique feature with Guy-Claude giving his all for the camera.
RT: 12.5 mins


Frank’s posing routine commences in a studio setting with dramatic lighting to highlight the classic Zane physique. See the vacuum pose as it should be done as Frank shows his amazing abs and midsection control.

More closeups on arms, making this is a rare and classic studio presentation of the artistry of Frank Zane, 3 time Mr. Olympia winner.
Not much more need be said about Frank, Mr. Perfection!
RT: 6 mins

Photos by Wayne Gallasch copyright GMV, with the Zane photos by Robert Nailon courtesy Nailon.