GMV Legends Collection # 11 – Santiago, Glass and more (DVD)

AUD $29.95

V-101/102  Open Region DVD  Duration:  55 mins  Sample Clip

A classic film to DVD transfer with background music added. See a marvellous classic collection of 7 young USA stars from the 70s and mid 80s including Jesse Gautreaux, Ernie Santiago, Joe Nazario, Charles Glass, Constantine Spanoudis, Robert Pittman and Jim Sacchetti.



JOE NAZARIO featured in a rugged muscle workout sequence and outdoor posing. Our classic film footage of Nazario was shot by Wayne at Future Man Gym, Amityville, Long Island, NY in July, 1976. This classic shoot features, definition and tight, hard muscle. Lots of full-color close-ups and detailed muscle shots.

ERNEST SANTIAGO is in ripped contest-ready peak condition. He serves up a rugged ‘brick-wall’ of muscle in an awesome posing display.


The JESSE GAUTREAUX footage was actually filmed on the day that he won the Mr. USA title. See the incredible intensity of that brutal muscle competition which shows in his every move!

CHARLES GLASS is a former LA Collegiate gymnastics champion who was a top Mr. America contender at the time of this shoot. In this film Charles pumps and poses in a tank top – putting the visual focus on those great arms and shoulders.


The segment featuring KONSTANTINE SPANOUDIS was shot in the studio on the day that he won the 1981 Overall Teen Mr. USA title. Kon also won the light-Heavyweight Class in this event. He is ripped, showing incredible shape, and was the sensation of the contest – a solid and clear winner who immediately captured the audience.

ROBERT PITTMAN of Louisiana is a top natural bodybuilder in current competition at the time of our film. He was 28 years old and had been in heavy training for six years. In this Video Robert presents hard muscularity, perfect proportions and graceful posing. A full display of muscle and symmetry accompanied by wavy blond hair, blue eyes and a ready smile. Robert passed away on March 29, 2011. This Video segment is a small tribute to his memory.