Mike & Ray Mentzer Triple Pack (DVD)

AUD $75.00

V-209SP-DVD  Open Region DVD  Duration:  200 mins  (See sample clip links in text)

Triple pack DVD including all the single releases of Mike and Ray Mentzer. Mike Mentzer – The Final Chapter; Mike & Ray Mentzer in the Gym; and Mike Mentzer at the Beach and Muscle Rocks.


MIKE MENTZER Triple DVD Pack – 3 DVD Set

Released on June 10th, 2011, celebrating the life and work of Mike and Ray Mentzer on the 10th Anniversary of their passing.

This is a superb 3 DVD set featuring the complete Mike and Ray Mentzer Film Collection of material, showcasing their complete careers. This is my special tribute to my very dear friend Mike.


Disc #1 comprises three original films – “On the Beach”, “At Muscle Rocks”, and “In the Oil Field”.
In this exclusive 60 minute feast of muscle – the mighty Mike Mentzer flexes, tenses, oils, pumps and poses. Filmed in the late seventies at Mike’s all-time peak condition, while Mike was current Mr. Universe.

MIKE & RAY MENTZER IN THE GYM – Disc #2    Preview Clip

The awesome Mentzer brothers, fueled by their intense rivalry, show what they can do when they pump iron. Filmed in the gym in Los Angeles, they blast their way through an intense workout routine.  It was a film demonstration workout, still using the actual heavy weights they would normally use.

After Mike flexes and poses each muscle group, they head for Venice Beach. Ray Mentzer oils, pumps and poses in a fantastic solo presentation. Plus duo posing as well to complete disc #2.


This 3rd and final DVD consists of all of our remaining segments of Mike and Ray Mentzer, combined into one super DVD feature as disc #3. Includes many posing, contest and workout segments from both Mentzer brothers. The first half of the DVD is devoted to Mike with Part 2 showcasing our rare footage of Ray.
The Mike Mentzer pumping and posing at home segment is Mike’s highlight of the DVD and runs for 28 minutes.

Photos by Wayne Gallasch  Copyright Wayne & GMV Productions

*Mike Mentzer Photo Gallery

Tribute to Mike on this 10-year Celebration of his Life, June 10th, 2011.