Tommi Thorvildsen (DVD)

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See the incredible story of Tommi Thorvildsen rise from young pro bodybuilder to star Mr. Olympia competitor.



See the incredible story of Tommi Thorvildsen rise from young Norwegian pro bodybuilder to star Mr. Olympia competitor. This film has it all from prejudging comparisons to his posing at FIBO, Grand Prix, the Arnold Classic to his appearance in the Olympia pump room. (Includes a brief interview by Shawn Ray)

Tommi Thorvildsen Photo Gallery

The finale is his pumping, oiling and posing poolside in Las Vegas with AHMAD HAIDAR on the day after the 2002 Mr. Olympia.

The DVD includes a great Photo Gallery.

Tommi Thorvildsen, nicknamed “Glutezilla” for his glute development, is an IFBB Pro bodybuilder from Norway. At 5’10” in height, he has a contest weight of 260 lbs (290 lbs off-season) and went on from winning his first amateur competition in 1997, the Sandefjord Open, to win the national championships in the same year. He got his IFBB Pro card after two successive wins of the Norwegian championships in 1997 and 1998. His first professional competition was the Toronto Pro Invitational in 2000, where he placed 18th. His highest professional ranking so far was the 2002 Austrian Grand Prix of Bodybuilding, where he placed 3rd.

Tommi was born in Norway on January 1, 1974. He has his own supplement line, Tommi Nutrition, and owns and operates a gym in Oslo. His contest trademark was performing a backflip as part of his posing routine.

Competition History

Sandefjord Open, 1997 (1st)
Oslo Grand Prix 1997 (1st)
Danish Invitational, 1997 (3rd)
Oslo Global Invitational, 1997 (1st)
Oslo Bodybuilding Trophy, 1997 (2nd)
Norwegian Championships, 1997 (Overall, 1st)
Norwegian Championships, 1998 (Overall, 1st)
Toronto Pro Invitational, 2000 (18th)
England Grand Prix, 2000 (9th)
Toronto Pro Invitational, 2001 (4th)
Night of the Champions, 2001 (6th)
Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic, 2002 (11th)
Grand Prix Austria, 2002 (3rd)
Iron Man Pro Invitational, 2002 (6th)
San Francisco Pro Invitational, 2002 (6th)
Mr. Olympia, 2002, (22nd)
2003 IFBB Iron Man Pro (13th)
2003 IFBB Arnold Classic (12th)
2003 IFBB San Francisco Pro (12th)
2003 IFBB Grand Prix Australia (5th)
Night of Champions, 2003 (19th)
2003 IFBB Grand Prix Hungary (13th)
2004 IFBB Toronto Pro (7th)
2004 IFBB Grand Prix Russia (7th)
2004 IFBB Grand Prix Holland (10th)
2004 IFBB Grand Prix England (9th)
2006 IFBB New York Pro (did not place)
2007 IFBB Montreal Pro Classic (14th)
2008 IFBB 15th Annual Sports/Fitness Weekend & Europa IFBB Super Show (17th)
2008 IFBB Atlantic City Pro (16th)
2008 IFBB Romanian Pro Grand Prix (13th)