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Dave Draper # 2

Dave Draper Gallery # 2 The photographers of this gallery include:  John Balik, Gene Mozee, Robert Nailon, Art Zeller, Jimmy Caruso, and the images are used with permission.  
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Dave Draper # 1

Dave Draper # 1 Gallery All images were taken by Wayne Gallasch or staff of GMV Productions and are copyright GMV. They are available for sale and can be supplied as a hi-res .jpg or .tiff file. The file can be printed to the size and format preferred. For further information, see Copyright Info. 
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2021- A Year of Loss

Some bodybuilders that passed away in 2021 include two Mr Olympia Winners : Shawn Rhoden and Chris Dickerson.Others that we lost were – Dave DraperGeorge PetersonLeon BrownGeorge ButlerJimmy CarusoManny TorresSeymour KoenigEhrling WahlgrenAnton HolicRuss DeLucaJohn MeadowsMatt MendenhallAndy HamanPhil HernonBilly SmithJenny LynnLaura BassMelissa CoatesJennifer HernandezMegan ElizabethKaren PangSofia GrahamOdalis Santos MenaAlena Hatvani KosinovaRhonda Lee Quaresma Also passed this year were 2 of my long-time bodybuilding friends.They were photographer and historian JOHN CORLETT from CA, and my South Aussie friend YURIS STERNS. Yuris was a power lifter, coach and promoter of power lifting and an excellent photographer. His death was on September 27th. They
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