1985 IFBB French Championships (Download)

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Features guest posers Dominique Darde and Tom Platz.  Middleweight Junior winner was popular NABBA identity and now president of NABBA France Olivier Ripert.


1985 French Bodybuilding Championships: Men & Women

Filmed in black and white

Charismatic Guest posers – Tom Platz and Dominique Darde

A surprise winner in the Middleweight Junior – popular NABBA identity and 1996 NABBA Mr. World Olivier Ripert.  He is also a brilliant poser, and won the best poser award at the NABBA Universe in 1995.


Juniors under 70 kg
Francois Pitareh 

Juniors under 80 kg
Olivier Ripert 

Juniors over 80 kg
Jocelyn Pradeau 

Masters under 70 kg
Roger Beringuer 

Masters under 80 kg
Jean Claude Raphoz 

Masters over 80 kg
Bruno Charlon 

Women under 52 kg
Gloria Bouvier 

Dominque Darde guest posing 

Women over 52 kg
Christine Goy 

Brief Tom Platz interview on stage 

Men under 70 kg
Serge Belkaris 

Men under 80 kg
Daniel Bernardino 

Men under 90 kg
Robert Ruffie 

Men over 90 kg
Alain Perraud 

Dominique Chaumel & Daniel Daraspe

Tom Platz guest posing