1987 Mr. Titan & Miss Juno # 2 (Download)

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A-0352B  Digital Download  Duration: 96 mins  Sample Clip

Includes: Opening Bodybuilding dance act; Ms. Juno classes; Men’s Open Classes – Short, Medium and Tall.


1987 Mr. Titan & Miss Juno # 2

The English Mr. Titan and Miss Juno Bodybuilding Shows of the 1980’s were aimed at entertainment, as well as bodybuilding, and are nothing like today’s events.


Lengthy opening Bodybuilding dance act
Ms. Juno classes
Men’s Open Classes – Short, Medium and Tall

We did our best to log the winners, but the audience is so noisy it’s impossible to hear the names.  We do however have a complete list of competitors, which show some perhaps unexpected names, such as Steve Avery, Paul Clements, Colin Gilham, Mark Parsons, and Ian Wadley.  And in the women; Donna Wass, Trez Lambert and Andra Day.

Complete list of contestants

First Timers
Ted Blackshaw
David Blainey
Eldon Bruno Jnr
Fitzroy Cobb
Donald Crofts
Gary Dawkins
David Hall
Vincent McManus
Nino Mezzela
James Pearson
Adam Seymour
Alan Steward
Ian Wadley
Peter Webb

Roy Garner
Colin Gilham
John Guerin
Norman Hibbert
John Inwood
Brian Jenkins
Alex New
Rod Palmer
Miguel Roman
Paul Standing
Alan Ward

Simon Haile
Gary McCann
Mark Parsons
Jean-Marc Poulton
Paul Ralph
Carl Robinson

Men’s Short Class
Mark Allix
Pradip Kumar Chatterjee
Allan Clark
Christopher Cross
Gino De Chellis
Derek Duke
Ronald Morgan
Keith Prime

Men’s Medium Class
Steve Avery
Rupert Ellis
Glyn Feasey
Julius Francis
Darren Genz
Gary Gillespie
Steven Jacobs
Stephen James
Ashley Marks
Gary Merrall

Men’s Medium/Tall Class
Bob Cross
Terry Holloway
Tony Slack
Leslie Smith
Richie Superville
Andy Watts
Tyrone Wildman

Men’s Tall Class
Paul Clements
Raymond Cummins
Russ Howard
Steve McNally
Derek Telfer
Francis Rainford  (Overall Winner)
James Frederick

Miss Juno (Physique) Under 5’3″
Anna Bent
Dawn Heuderbouck
Trez Lambert
Maria Screen

Miss Juno (Physique Over 5″3″
Linda Bradley
Nneka Brooks
Chris Levey
Denise Null
Donna Wass
Wendy Wheeler

Miss Juno (Figure)
Andra Day
Dawn Leftwich
Karen Markland
Deborah Reid