1990 NABBA Miss Britain – Show (Download)

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One of the most amazing line-ups for female bodybuilders and figure competitors to ever come out of the United Kingdom.  Top 6 posing, plus posedowns and awards.



Saturday May 5th 1990:  The Opera House Church St. Blackpool Lancashire

You’ll see the most amazing line-up of Physique and Figure competitors to ever come out of the UK in the 90s.  You’ll also see not only all top 6 posing routines but also the posedowns and awards.

Miss Britain  – Figure    

  1. Evelyn Lees
  2. Janette Halstead
  3. Anna Lovelock
  4. Karen Hughes
  5. Helen Madderson
  6. Carol Murphy
  7. Lucy Radford
  8. Alison Hain
  9. Andra Day
  10. Ann Lester Card
  11. Julie Ponds
  12. Elaine Harper

DNP:    Ann Marie Burgoyne
Ruth  Mees
Danielle Smith
Pauline Oliver
Gill Myers
Karen Butler
Sandy Young
Dawn Roberts

Miss Britain – Physique

1  Beverly Hahn
2  Lynda Mason
3  Danielle Smith
4  Michele Lucas
5  Pam Davies
6  Marion McDonagh