1991 WABBA European Championships: Women & Couples Show (Download)

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Guest posers included the legendary and incredible SERGE NUBRET, and top Germans PETRA ENGELS and ELLA HANK. The routine by Hank was extremely raunchy as she stripped from her clothes to her brief (European style) posing suit!


1991 WABBA European Championships: Women & Couples Show

Held in Alzey, Germany on May 26th, 1991.


This video presents the Complete Evening Show with all posing routines and awards.

Guest posers included the legendary and incredible SERGE NUBRET, and top Germans PETRA ENGELS and ELLA HANK.  The routine by Hank was extremely raunchy as WABBA’s rules for posing costumes are not as strict as in the USA.

Germany’s incredible OLYMPIA KISS powered her way to an overall victory in Women’s Physique.  She is a beautifully symmetrical 140 pound package of striated feminine muscle.  She is pictured on the front cover.


  The classes included Teenage Men, Masters Over 40, Open Men’s Short, Medium and Tall, Women’s Physique Short and Tall, Figure and Couples.

Overall Women’s Physique Winner: Olympia Kiss – Germany

Teenage Class: Theodoros Kossifidis – Greece
Masters Over 40: Wilhelm Hauck – Germany
Men’s Open Short Class: Domenico Ludovico – Italy
Men’s Open Medium Class: Gilles Jacquet – France
Men’s Open Tall Class: Abdel Bouhaffs – France
Couples: Olympia Kiss/Wilhelm Hauck – Germany
Women’s Physique Tall: Olympia Kiss – Germany
Women’s Physique Short: Lorena Ferruzzi – Italy
Figure: Rosana Marrone – Italy

Photos by Peter Scarborough.

Distributed under license.

1991 WABBA European Championships – Results


1. Olympia Kiss/Wilhelm Hauck – Germany
2. Lucette Daucle/Joseph Daucle – France
3. Pastory Munoz/Eduardo Martinez – Spain
4. Ursula Schach/Gerd Bartenbach – Germany
5. Kerstin Hansel/Ralf Muller – Germany
6. Conny D’Hont/Herve Anno – Belgium


Overall Women’s Physique Winner: Olympia Kiss – Germany

Women’s Physique Tall
1. Olympia Kiss – Germany
2. Colleen Yates – UK
3. Christina Lavezzi – Italy
4. Ursula Schach – Germany
5. Chantal Douet – France
6. Conny D’Hondt – Belgium
7. Marie Anne Bengler – Belgium

Women’s Physique Short
1. Lorena Ferruzzi – Italy
2. Pastory Munoz – Spain
3. Sabina Assanto – Italy
4. Marina Spangaro – Italy
5. Vicky Lestenko – Greece
6. Gabriela Trevas – Portugal
7. Evelyne Boyer – France
8. Andrea Neugebauer – Germany

1. Rosana Marrone – Italy
2. Anni Vierkoetter – Germany
3. Jackie Young – UK
4. Carole Bigouret – France
5. Marie-Paule Giraudeau – France
6. Iris Formanns – Germany
7. Kerstin Hansel – Germany
8. Tonia Botta – Belgium
9. Lucette Daucle – France
10. Lysiane Bertholet – Switzerland
11. Caroline Bronzini – Switzerland