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Women’s Muscle Power # 2 (Download)

AUD $10.00

GMV-133  Digital Download  Duration:  60 mins  Sample Clip

See posing by world famous stars such as Tonya Knight, doing her brand new long routine at FIBO. She was a legend.


Women’s Muscle Power # 2

DVD Cover Models: L to R – Susanne Hauer & Beate Plank, both of Austria.

Juliette Bergmann won the Overall Ms Olympia in 2001 and also won her section at the Ms. Olympia in 2002 and 2003. Juliette was a true superstar of bodybuilding.  We also have separate DVDs on Juliette, see side bar.

You will also see posing by another world famous star in Tonya Knight, performing her brand new long posing routine at FIBO. She was a women’s bodybuilding legend as was Laura Creavalle.  We also have a separate DVD on Tonya Knight, see side bar.

The list of stars:

Juliette Bergmann
Tonya Knight
Ina Lopulissa
Liz Oudendall
Stephanie Wehr
Sylvie Esmanjaud
Bronwyn O’Brien – Universe & World champion
Jackie McKnight
Marjo Selin
Anja Schreiner
Beate Plank
Raffaela Bruck
Laura Creavalle
Gabi Klug
Boettcher Twins
Patricia Davis