1999 EFBB Mr. Britain – Prejudging # 2 (Download)

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GMV-351B  Digital Download Duration:  63 mins  Sample Clip

This video includes the following classes:  LightWeight Class up to 70kgs, MiddleWeight Class up to 80kgs, Light-HeavyWeight Class up to 90 kgs, HeavyWeight Class over 90 kgs



This video includes the following classes

LightWeight Class up to 70kgs
MiddleWeight Class up to 80kgs
Light-HeavyWeight Class up to 90 kgs
HeavyWeight Class over 90 kgs

The video presents the cream of British Bodybuilding at the EFBB British championships held in the magnificent Royal Centre in Nottingham, England on October 17th, 1999.

The posing routines are shown for all competitors who competed in the above different classes. All lineups and key comparisons are included making this a monstrous feast of male muscle!

Highlights include GMV’s pick of the new physiques for the year 2000; and the titanic battle in the Over 90 Kg class between PETER BROWN and JAMO NEZZAR. Peter was simply too good!

1999 EFBB British Championships – Complete Men’s Results

Overall Winner: Peter Elvis Brown

HeavyWeight Class over 90 kgs
1   Peter Elvis Brown
2   Jamo Nezzar
3   Simon Cohen
4   Mehran Ghambari
5   Jason Corrick
6   Gilbert Alaskadi
Mark Montgomery
Simon Rogers
Philip Spooner
Stuart Core
Dean McTernan
Ian Morgan

Light-HeavyWeight Class up to 90 kgs
1   Michael Sheridan
2   Colin Wright
3   Dennis Francis
4   Rob Worthington
5   LaMon Amede
6   David Pool
Darren Parker
Carl Williams
Geof Nutt
Vernon Montgomery

MiddleWeight Class up to 80kgs
1   John Hodgson
2   Michael King
3   Neil Hill
4   Stephen Barnes
5   Justin Patten
6   Alfie Noda
Nickolas Bricklebank
Michael Bukowski
Mark Grier
Tony Brown
Andy Gold
Luigi Otrantino
Jude Taylor
Ricky Wallis

LightWeight Class up to 70kgs
1   Paul George
2   Cavan Darby
3   Shane Bagnell
4   Gary Roberts
5   Abslam Bichri
6   Wayne Robinson
7   Philip Dunn

Junior Class
1   Alan Mack
2   Robert Nash
3   Craig Ward
4   Colin Gallier
5   Harry Eid
6   Robert John Terry

Masters Class over 40
1   Phil Davies
2   Steve Dinsdale
3   Vincent Wedderburn
4   Brian Goddard
5   Patrick Collard
6   Brod Lee Bibby
Jay Simms
David Frame
John Fengaris
Delroy Grant
John Fontana
David Cooper
Peter Carson
Baz Bardsley
Stephen Turner
Graham Lakey
Christopher Ridgewell

First Timers
1   David Griffiths
2   Lee Paul Spencer
3   Jamie Bramley
4   David Lawson
5   Andrew Puckhaber
6   Ian Grant
Mark Povey
Richard Watkins
Mark Hammond

Intermediate Under 80kgs
1   Nathan Selcon
2   Robert de Borsey
3   Neil Rawlinson
4   Laurence Goodbody
5   Wayne Snow
6   John McLoughlin

Intermediate Over 80kgs
1   Warren Dyson
2   John Bills
3   Andrew Audley Pinnock
4   Jonathan Spears
5   Peter Betts
6   Barny DuPlessis
Shaun McDonald
Stuart Crowther
Mark Roberts
Jason Matthews
Darren Lewis
Roy Booth