Battle for the Olympia 1998 – Part 1 (Download)

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Working out with the stars of the Olympia 1998, including Darrem Charles, Paul Dillett, Aaron Baker, Chris Cormier and Gunter Schlierkamp.



1998 Battle for the Olympia – Part 1

“The most awesome, massive, and freaky physiques walking the planet today show how their worlds collide preparing for the 1998 Olympia title in New York City.”

MocVideo travelled the length and breadth of the country to film these awesome workouts.  You’ll see exactly how these amazing athletes train for the biggest contest in their lives.

Photo Galleries

Paul Dillett
Chris Cormier
Gunter Schlierkamp

Featured athletes are :

•  Darrem Charles works Chest
•  Paul Dillett trains his shoulders
•  Aaron Baker trained with Robbie Robinson doing a chest and arms workout
•  Chris Cormier trains back; and we finish up with
•  Gunter Schlierkamp as he trains his back with Frank Hillebrand

All contents are the same as the original VHS video. Colour + B&W.

1998 Mr. Olympia Results

October 10, 1998   New York, NY

1 Ronnie Coleman USA  (Photo Gallery)
2 Flex Wheeler USA  (Photo Gallery)
3 Nasser El Sonbaty Yugoslavia  (Photo Gallery)
4 Kevin Levrone USA  (Photo Gallery)
5 Shawn Ray USA  (Photo Gallery)
6 Chris Cormier USA  (Photo Gallery)
7 Lee Priest Australia  (Photo Gallery)
8 Ernie Taylor UK  (Photo Gallery)
9 Mike Matarazzo USA
10 Jean Pierre Fux Switzerland
11 Milos Sarcev Yugoslavia
12 Johnny Moya USA
13 Darrem Charles Trinidad
14 Aaron Baker USA
15 Gunter Schlierkamp Germany  (Photo Gallery)
16 Ahmad Haidar Lebanon  (Photo Gallery)
17 Claude Groulx Canada  (Photo Gallery)
Withdrew – Paul Dillett Canada

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