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Battle Olympia – 2013: Part 3 (Download)

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A-1437C  Digital Download  Duration:  94 mins  Sample Clip

2013 Battle for the Olympia – Part 3:  featuring Shawn Rhoden – Shoulders & Posing; Victor Martinez – Back & Posing; Roelly Winklaar – Chest & Back



2013 Battle for the Olympia – Part 3

Shawn Rhoden – Shoulders & Posing
Victor Martinez – Back & Posing
Roelly Winklaar – Chest & Back

Phil Heath Three-Peats by earning his third Sandow, and establishing himself as one of the best bodybuilders to ever step on the Mr Olympia stage. We travelled to Denver, Colorado to watch Phil blast legs for us just 5 days before the big show!

Also on the line-up was a slew of big-names that were chomping at the bit to get a piece of Phil… Jay Cutler allowed us into his home and we filmed a great segment in his office and garage, which included his brand new Rolls Royce.

Over in New York we had a chance to film Victor Martinez at Bev’s, Evan Centopani, Brandon Curry in Tennessee, Branch and Johnnie in Texas, The Big Bad Dennis Wolf in Vegas, Shawn Rhoden at the Mecca Golds in Venice, Roelly in Vegas, and also rookie sensation Big Ramy and Lionel Beyeke trained by Dennis James in Phoenix.