Classic Collection # 1 (Download)

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GMV-019  Digital Download  Duration:  60 mins  Sample Clip

Our first release on video from the Golden Era of Bodybuilding and Weight Lifting. It’s THE CLASSIC COLLECTION # 1. This will read like a who’s who of the iron game as the names go on and on.  Includes the best known posing footage of STEVE REEVES and so much more.


Classic Collection # 1

This will read like a who’s who of the iron game as the famous names go on and on.  Here is a brief run down on the champions we identified.

You’ll see BOB HOFFMAN one arm lifting and OTTO ARCO performing his famous muscle control and balancing act. Not to be missed, the muscle control and legendary posing of JOHN GRIMEK. Also muscle control by JOHN FARBOTNIK, and the best known posing footage of the great STEVE REEVES, pictured front cover.  Marvin Eder, who passed away in February 2022, is also featured

The overall quality of these rare movies is surprisingly good. But the 16 mm black and white films are old, some over 55 years and several short segments have been repeated. But the unique value of this video goes beyond the quality, the early camera work and the content. Such is the excitement of seeing rare glimpses of history. This video is a ‘rare gem’ – a true collector’s item from the ’40s to the ’60s.

The video also includes some rare footage on Steve Reeves (Photo Gallery). I met Steve in Paris in 1977 at the Worlds, and again in 1998 at the NABBA Universe 50 Years Reunion. Steve was the inspiration to many to take up bodybuilding. (1926 – 2000)


Joe De Pietro
John Davis Lifting And Jerking The Famous Appolon Axle Wheels
Tommy Kono
Dave Shepherd
Jim George
‘47 Paris Weightlifting Champs
Fayad & Shams
Doug Hepburn
John Davis
John Grimek  (Photo Gallery)
Lud Shusterich
Victor Nicoletti
George Eiferman
Ed Jubinville
Alan Stephan
Reg Lewis
John Grimek (Photo Gallery)
Otto Arco
Clyde Emrich
Steve Stanko
James Bradford
John Grimek  (Photo Gallery)
John Farbotnik
Jack Delinger
Melvin Wells
Sigmund Klein
George Eiferman
Norb Schemansky
Frank Spellman
Bill Pearl  (Photo Gallery)
Reg Park
Marvin Eder
Steve Reeves (Photo Gallery)
Clarence Ross
Steve Reeves (Again)
The York Gang (Grimek, Bacon, Hoffman, Bachtell)
Steve Reeves & Reg Park

Also includes Val Pasqua, Kimon Voyages, Ed Therault, Leo Robert (Photo Gallery), Alan Pavia, & Rene Leger and Mr. America Highlights from ’46, ’47, and ’49.