Dennis James – Back to Basics 2: Part 2 (Download)

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Part 2 includes:  Back, Shoulders, Triceps, Abs & Cardio, Diet, 2004 Mr. Olympia – pump room & backstage, and a Team Dennis special.


Dennis James – Back to Basics 2: Part 2

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Part 2 Includes

Abs & Cardio
2004 Mr. Olympia – pump room & backstage
Team Dennis special

Experience true Hardcore Bodybuilding! See Dennis James at 272 lbs 2 1/2 weeks out of the Mr. Olympia 2004 in his freakiest condition ever. A real shocker. You need to sit down and fasten your seat belt to get through this video!

165 minutes over 2 videos of hardcore training at Gold’s Gym/Venice, nutrition info, backstage at the Olympia, pump-up room, photoshooting… A MUST SEE for every serious bodybuilder and strength athlete!