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Zak Pallikaros – Dr. ZAK 2010 Part 1 (Download)

AUD $10.00

A-1363A  Digital Download  Duration:  91 mins  Sample Clip

PART 1 INCLUDES:  Main feature, Food and cooking, Supplements,  and the trailer for Robby Anchant Monster Vs 2 feature


DR ZAK 2010 – Zak Pallikaros # 1

A complete training blueprint for every aspiring bodybuilder!  4 Time Mr Cyprus and Mr Britain

“Awesome!! One of the most informative and inspirational DVDs I’ve seen – JAY CUTLER.”
“Zak is one of the most intelligent and passionate UK bodybuilders….watch and LEARN!!! – DORIAN YATES”.


Main feature
Food and cooking
Trailer for Robby Anchant Monster Vs 2 feature