1982 Mr. Olympia (DVD)

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This historic DVD is a completely different version than any previously offered. It is the hardcore bodybuilding version of the ’82 Olympia, now on DVD.


1982 Mr. Olympia

London, November 13, 1982.

This historic video is a completely different version than any previously offered on the Finals. It is the hardcore bodybuilding version of the ’82 Mr. Olympia with good coverage of the prejudging.

This exciting video covering the greatest physiques in the world, brings you all the drama, blood, sweat and tension of Chris Dickerson’s epic victory in the 1982 Mr. Olympia contest held in London.  Originally hot on Super 8 sound film, transferred to DVD with music added.

Although all 16 men are shown, this video concentrates on the top eight champions as they do battle through each of the three rounds of judging and on to the evening show and final presentation.

We take a different view point being that of combat by comparison, showing you the all important side by side judging comparisons and pose downs between these top men as they strive for victory.  You can judge and compare your placings of the top men with the opinions of the official judges, and the comments you will hear from the audience.

Electric Atmosphere

However, anything can happen during the free posing round and the atmosphere was electric.  Highlights for me included the immaculate and totally professional stage presentations of Chris Dickerson and Mohamed Makkawy, the best ever condition, shape and proportion of Samir, the massive and rock hard muscle of Viator, and the sheer size of Bertil Fox.

Tom Platz

Tom Platz Photo Gallery
Tom Platz was huge and in fact the biggest I have ever seen him, and no professional boby builder has more stage charisma than Tom who it seems is a probable winner in the future.  His massive legs are still years ahead of those to be found supporting any other body builder.  For Tom’s many fans, this DVD has all the Platz footage, both judging and final.

Frank Zane and Al Beckles

Frank Zane Photo Gallery
Al Beckles Photo Gallery
For Zane’s fans he had a completely new routine which included his own unique poses he has made famous such as the vacuum and hands over head poses.  He almost stole the title from Dickerson and in many people’s eyes was a winner. He was in sensational condition.

Al Beckles went into this contest as one of the hot favourites and he too looked absolutely fantastic, as did Lance Dreher.  Dreher had probably the biggest arms, in the famous Larry Scott posing style.

Chris Dickerson

Chris Dickerson – Updated Photo Gallery
However, there can only be one winner, and CHRIS DICKERSON was a well deserving and popular winner in this his final contest.  Chris was superb in all areas – symmetry, cuts, presentation, charisma, condition and muscle density.  He had it all together on the day in a totally professional manner that showed class, experience and attention to fine detail.
A fitting triumph to climax the competitive career of one the the world’s greatest body builders. In his victory speech Chris thanked the great Bill Pearl for all the assistance he had given him.


1982 Mr. Olympia Results

1.   Chris Dickerson – USA
2.   Frank Zane – USA
3.   Casey Viator – USA
4.   Samir Bannout – USA
5.   Albert Beckles – UK
6.   Tom Platz – USA
7.   (Tie) Mohamed Makkawy – Egypt
Bertil Fox – UK
9.   Johnny Fuller – UK
10. Jusup Wilcosz – Germany
11. Boyer Coe – USA
12. Danny Padilla – USA
13. Jacques Neuville – France
14. Dennis Tinerino – USA
15. Lance Dreher – USA
16. Roger Walker – Australia