1989 NABBA Mr. Universe: Show (DVD)

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This was the last Universe to be held in the famous Wembley Conference Centre in London. 102 superbly muscled and buffed athletes – the largest field of competitors ever seen at the Universe – gathered from all over the world to battle it out for the top titles. In the AMATEUR DIVISION, the Short Class 3 winner was Mr. America – MAT DUFRESNE.



This was the last Universe to be held in the famous Wembley Conference Centre in London.   102 superbly muscled and buffed athletes  – the largest field of competitors ever seen at the Universe – gathered from all over the world to battle it out for the top titles.

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In the AMATEUR DIVISION, the Short Class 3 winner was the current Mr. America – MAT DUFRESNE. He was Mr. Perfection and had it all from his superbly sculptured abs to his perfect aesthetic proportions, symmetry and razor sharp condition.  It was the big year of his career winning the overall title at the Mr. America as well as at the Amateur Mr. Universe.

CASEY KUCHARYK of USA was the Medium Class 2 winner. It was a tough call for the overall title that Casey had to come up against 2 other great stars in Mat Dufresne and Gary Lewer of Australia. I have seen Casey many times over the years and this was his year. He was “ready”, he was super shredded with paper thin skin, and I know he was very disappointed at not taking the overall title.

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GARY LEWER of Australia was also in his best ever condition.  He had been coming up each time in the placings at the Universe and doing better every year. Big and muscular with great size, especially in the upper body, Gary dominated Tall Class 1. Gary has charisma as well as a superb physique.

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In the Junior Mr. Universe Class (under 21 on the 1st day of the year) it was a very tightly fought battle between the 2 Aussies, MICHAEL MELKSHAM, PETER WALL (Mr. Symmetry) and the ripped young CLINT DYE of England. Massive and ripped Michael finally took the title with predictions of a great future for him.  Peter Wall was a former teenage Mr. Australia.

In the professional division, local English favourite CHARLES CLAIRMONTE beat out the challenge from Olympia competitor and 5 times Mr. Universe winner EDWARD KAWAK of France. This was a 3rd Universe title for Charles, with his huge yet elegant and ripped physique overcoming and out muscling the sheer brutal mass and power of Kawak.

Prior to the evening show we interviewed the famous REG PARK, plus top competitors both men and women.  At the show you will see the posing routines of the top 6 finalists in each class, plus the exciting posedowns and awards.


1st        Michael Melksham – Australia
2nd       Clint Dye – England
3rd        Peter Wall – Australia
4th        Wayne Tancock – England
5th        Massimo Senelli – Italy
6th        Damien Keyser – France
7th        Eli Hana – Israel
8th        Curtis Howells – South Africa
9th        Lior Golan – Israel

Mr. CLASS 3 
1st        Mat Dufresne – USA
2nd       Robert Wall – England
3rd        Terry Fisher – England
4th        Rainer Gorbracht – West Germany
5th        Nick Naylor – England
6th        Bruce Leong – Australia
7th        Gerard Bibolet – France
8th        Rudolph Fernandez – France
9th        Peter Van Wellin – Belgium
10th      Guido Zambelli – Italy

UNPLACED:  Michael Adamo, Austin Campagne, George Camilleri, Doug Powell.

Mr. CLASS 2 
1st        Casey Kucharyk – USA
2nd       Peter Reid – England
3rd        Claudio Mostacci – Italy
4th        Roger Bartley – England
5th        Gunter Osweiller – West Germany
6th        Werner Schneider – West Germany
7th        Gennaro Ferra – Australia
8th        Eduardo De La Asuncion – Spain
9th        John Els – South Africa
10th       Paul Taylor – South Africa
11th       Eddie Van Laere – Belgium
12th       Warren Treasure – England
13th       Roy Martin – Ireland

Mr. CLASS 1 
1st        Gary Lewer – Australia
2nd       Shaun Davis – England
3rd        Rocky Foster – England
4th        Fausto Ascari – Italy
5th        Markus Mueller – West Germany
6th        Jacobus Joubert – South Africa
7th        Leslie Rudolf – Australia
8th        Manfred Salchner – Australia
9th        Kim Joachum – South Africa
10th      Donald Mahoney – Australia

UNPLACED:  Patrick Mallough, Ahmed Oudsman, Christopher Slee, Juan Jose Albalat, Jan Van Roy, Alessandro Ardenti.

1st        Charles Clairmonte – England
2nd       Edward Kawak – France
3rd        Basil Francis – England
4th        Marlon Darton – USA
5th        Andre Maille – Canada
6th        Roy Duval – England
7th        Walter O’Malley – Ireland/UK
8th        Heinz Horling – West Germany