Golden Age Of Muscle: Part 3 1986 Mr Olympia (DVD)

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Mr Olympia 1986 Remember Eduardo Kawak? Berry de Mey? Bertil Fox? Beckles? Christian? Gaspari? No-one can stop Freight Train Haney now. Win No. 3.and counting.


The Golden Age Of Muscle: Part 3 “1986 Mr Olympia”
plus “The Olympians” Documentary
and “Schwarzenegger’s Super Stars of Muscle” Documentary

Mr Olympia 1986

Remember Eduardo Kawak? Berry de Mey? Bertil Fox? Beckles? Christian? Gaspari? No-one can stop Freight-Train Haney now. Win No. 3 and counting.
This is the identical footage to that offered in the Weider DVD version of the 1986 Olympia, but this version is better quality.

The Olympians

This lead up to the Olympia documentary stars Berry de Mey, Gary Strydom, Ellen Van Maris, Juliette Bergmann and more. Complete workouts with top champions, including tips on dieting and motivation to get you into contest shape. Inspiration and motivation.

Schwarzenegger’s Superstars of Muscle

Narrated by Arnold as various superstars are introduced, including the following: Lee Haney training, interview and posing, Rich Gaspari training, Reg Park training and interview, Gary Strydom training and posing, Mike Quinn training and posing, Samir Bannout training and posing, Chris Dickerson posing, Shawn Ray interview and posing, Bob Paris training and posing, Francis Benfatto training and posing, Tom Platz training and posing, Sergio Oliva interview and posing, Mike Christian training and posing.

This is three complete movies on one massive DVD!

This is an authorized and licensed copy made directly from the broadcast-quality master tape. It does not come with the original video cover information.

It all started with the film “Pumping Iron”, starring a young Arnold Schwarzenegger, whose dream was to be the best bodybuilder in the world.  To do this he had to win Joe Weider’s top show “Mr. Olympia” and win it he did. An amazing 7 times, retiring undefeated in 1980.

For over 20 years Video 4 has been producing the ultimate in bodybuilding contest and documentary videos.  Venice Beach, Santa Monica, USA now called Muscle Beach is where some of the greatest bodybuilders of all time started their careers.  Preparing and training at Gold’s and World Gym with one aim in mind, to win the prestigious Mr. Olympia contest.

1986 Mr. Olympia Results  

1 Lee Haney USA
2 Rich Gaspari USA
3 Mike Christian USA
4 Albert Beckles England
5 Berry de Mey Netherlands
6 Peter Hensel Germany
7 Bertil Fox England
8 Ron Love USA
9 John Terilli USA
10 Josef Grolmus Germany
11 Tom Platz USA
12 Jusup Wilkosz Germany
13 Eduardo Kawak Lebanon
14 Frank Richard England
15 Gary Leonard USA