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Zak Pallikaros – Dr. ZAK 2010 (DVD)

AUD $29.95

A-1363-DVD  Open Region DVD  Duration:  180 mins

One of the most informative DVDs I’ve seen – JAY CUTLER.’ ‘Zak is an intelligent and passionate bodybuilders….watch and LEARN!!! – DORIAN YATES’.


DR ZAK 2010 – Zak Pallikaros

A complete training blueprint for every aspiring bodybuilder!

4 Time Mr Cyprus and Mr Britain

“Awesome!! One of the most informative and inspirational DVDs I’ve seen – JAY CUTLER.”
“Zak is one of the most intelligent and passionate UK bodybuilders….watch and LEARN!!! – DORIAN YATES”.

Dr Zak Pallikaros shows you his life, his training and what has made him a champion bodybuilder. He talks about his most successful year in bodybuilding ‘2010’, where he won every show he entered as well as regaining his Mr Cyprus title and becoming the British Champion.

Watch Zak’s full training including a brutal chest and biceps session with 6 time Mr Olympia Dorian Yates – as well as other top bodybuilders, Robby Anchant, Scott Morton, Bobby Khan & Artur Denkiewicz.


NUTRITION:   Food and Cooking – Contest Prep – Supplements – Food shopping – Precontest diets
BONUS SCENES:  Zak at the Osteopath – Interview with Scott Morton – Zak gets a Tattoo