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Jay Cutler – Ultimate Beef: Part 4 (Download)

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GMV-794D  Digital Download  Duration: 83 mins  Sample Clip

Part 4 – the final part of a 4-part download.  Lot’s of pump room footage and posing from the Olympia and Grand Prix.


Jay Cutler – The Ultimate Beef: Part 4 

Part 4 includes:

2003 & 2004 Mr. Olympia Pump Room and behind the scenes
2003 winning the English Grand Prix and all scenes with Jay
2006 winning the Austrian Grand Prix
2009 Mr. Olympia posing and highlights including backstage PR
Contest history and credits

Jay Cutler Photo Gallery

We trace the career of Jay Cutler from his teenage years through to his 2009 Mr. Olympia victory. At the time of release, Jay Cutler was a 3 time Mr. Olympia winner and a 3 time winner of the Arnold Classic. He won his 4th Mr. Olympia in 2010.


With footage mostly from the GMV copyright archives and short additional segments licensed by GMV, this massive personal history of Jay traces his career in contest posing highlights, prejudging comparisons, backstage pumping and oiling, brief interviews, guest posing, seminars, informal posing, some training segments and contest photos. This is the Ultimate Beef DVD set showcasing the “CUT MAN” – JAY CUTLER.

Much of this footage has never been seen before. This is GMV’s personal tribute to one of the greatest and most popular bodybuilders of all time.

Extra notes on key contents –

Learn some of Jay’s “secrets” in this informative and in-depth seminar footage shot with one of the world’s greatest champions.
3 intense seminars packed with info leading up to Jay’s first Olympia victory in 2006 and more during his years of greatest success.

Hear about his training routines, weights and exercises used, what he eats, drinks, contest preparation and much more. No question is dodged. You will see the growth of Jay as a superstar during these seminars over a 4 year period. Includes some informal posing.

Some of the Highlights include:

Iron Man 3rd place
FIBO and our first ever interview with Jay
1999 & 2000 – our backstage Olympia footage

2000 English Grand Prix and his battle with Ronnie Coleman

Iron Man interview with Lonnie, & informal poses
FIBO guest posing
Olympia scenes mostly backstage

2002 at the Arnold Classic, all footage shot by GMV

Winning the Iron Man Pro
Winning the English Grand prix and all scenes with Jay
2003 & 2004 Mr. Olympia Pump Room and behind the scenes

2006 winning the Austrian Grand Prix

2009 Mr. Olympia posing and highlights including backstage PR

Clive Jaques
Richard Rossan
Gary Phillips –
Courtesy Iron Man
Wayne & Tina Gallasch



Special Thanks:
The LA FitExpo – Erin Ferries
Jay Cutler
Bruce Lester & Mocvideo
Weider/Flex Magazine/Mr. Olympia LLC
Magna Media International/IFBBTV
Iron Man
Richard Rossan
Eibon Films – Timo Sorger
Video Action
Jon Lindsay
Steve O’Brien
Wayne DeMilia
Fibo – Willy Zdenek
Kerry Kayes, and all those who contributed to this project.
1993: Teen Nationals – NPC, HeavyWeight, 1st

1996: Nationals – NPC, HeavyWeight, 1st

1998: Night of Champions – IFBB, 12th

Arnold Classic – IFBB, 4th
Ironman Pro Invitational – IFBB, 3rd
Olympia – IFBB, 15th

Grand Prix England – IFBB, 2nd
Night of Champions – IFBB, Winner
Olympia – IFBB, 8th
World Pro Championships – IFBB, 2nd

2001: Olympia – IFBB, 2nd

2002: Arnold Classic – IFBB, Winner

Arnold Classic – IFBB, Winner
English Grand Prix – IFBB, Winner
Dutch Grand Prix – IFBB, Winner
Russian Grand Prix – IFBB, 2nd
Ironman Pro Invitational – IFBB, Winner
Olympia – IFBB, 2nd
San Francisco Pro Invitational – IFBB, Winner
Show of Strength Pro Championship – IFBB, 2nd

Arnold Classic – IFBB, Winner
Olympia – IFBB, 2nd

2005: Olympia – IFBB, 2nd

Austrian Grand Prix – IFBB, Winner
Dutch Grand Prix – IFBB, Winner
Romanian Grand Prix – IFBB, Winner
Olympia – IFBB, Winner

2007: Olympia – IFBB, Winner

2008: Olympia – IFBB, 2nd

2009: Olympia – IFBB, Winner

2010: Olympia – IFBB, Winner

Olympia – IFBB, 2nd
Sheru Classic India – IFBB, 2nd

2013: Olympia – IFBB, 6th